Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Read #2- The Last Original Wife by Dorothea Benton Frank

Another book I loved.  Sometimes, summer reads are quite forgettable.  Luckily, this summer that hasn't been the case. 

Younger, trophy wives are the norm with the older men.  Only one marriage is intact in this group of friends, and I'm not sure intact is adequate.  Leslie falls in a manhole, and her husband and the couple they are with don't realize that she isn't with them until 40 minutes later when they arrive at their destination.  Wes, her husband, is an inattentive jerk.  He's stingy, rude, and inconsiderate.

Leslie and Wes have two kids.  Their grown daughter is a single mom, who frequently dumps her daughter on Leslie and hangs out in the bars.  Their son is in Nepal, calling home for money on a regular basis. 

This book makes you question the enabling parent role.  It makes you question the love and attention you give your spouse.  It especially makes you think about how you want to spend the "final act" of this play that is your life.  A lot of food for thought in this fictional story.  


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