Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Smart One by Jennifer Close

Summer Read #1-

For a summer read, I really liked this book.  As a mother, whose empty nest had been filled up again for awhile, I identify with Weezy.  Two daughters who get along, but argue--got 'em.  The mother's constant worrying and wanting so much for her kids--check.  Weezy's crazy, bordering on rude, mother made me think of some older people I have known.  Even the unexpected pregnancy of one of the kids and Weezy's worries and fears for them, seems like another chapter out of my book.

I loved the fact that the chapters changed narrators, so it was possible to see things from each character's point of view.  This wasn't a happily-ever-after-everything-finished-off-neatly ending.  Everyone is at a better place by the end of the novel, but things aren't perfect.  Hmmm...kind of like life. 

Oh, and I'd kill for their two weeks all together at the beach house every August.  So, I guess it wasn't my life.

Great beginning to the summer of reading.

PS.  Now I want to read Close's first novel:  Girls In White Dresses.  I like her writing style!