Sunday, July 1, 2012

Another Piece of My Heart by Jane Green

I really hated the title of this one, but loved the book. 

Green wrote about a family complete with father, new wife, ex wife, and two daughters.  The oldest daughter manipulates Dad.  Ex wife is drinking her way through life, so Dad has the girls most of the time.  New wife is having fertility issues.  Oldest daughter HATES new wife.  Quite a few issues going on here.

AND...I have taught students just like the oldest daughter who has gone Goth and weird.  She hates everyone, but mainly herself.  It is interesting to see what she does and how she justifies it. 

I cared about the family, and it mattered what happened to them.  Nothing was easy for them.  It seemed realistic.  I wondered if this was Jane Green's own story.

I've always loved Jane Green books; this one was no exception.  This is an easy read, a good read.  More than that, it is worth the time.